Thursday, February 9, 2012

Little Man Quotes of the Day

I often have others tell me I really should journal the things Little Man says to me each day. A keepsake to show him some day when he is grown. His insights range from hilarious to very wise at times, and for a six-year-old very deep. I often find simple moments of grace in the things he says. His words laced with the beauty of a child's view of the world, and often there are undertones and whispers of the Holy Spirit, nudging me in my own life through his gentle comments.

I happen to have the blessing of getting to drive him to afternoon Kindergarten most days. As a working mom, I really savor this. I know most women in my situation, don't have that perk. I love how he runs down the path of his morning sitter's house and jumps in the car each day. His eyes twinkle, and he is always delighted to see me. He chatters about his morning activities and the things still to look forward to in the day. I carefully take in each word. As we drive, he comments on the things we pass along our route, like favorite landmarks and houses we like. He often asks questions too about things on his mind that he wants to understand better. I absolutely adore our conversations each day and our time together, just he and I. It is all so special to me, something to savor and tuck away deep in my heart forever.

Here's just one of our little conversations. It actually happened just this week. I took out the actual names. I never like to use their full names in the blog for privacy reasons.

Little Man: "Mommy, did you know my real name is ____ ____ ____ ____, and my LUCKY name is ____?" (Yes, the poor boy has two middle names. We couldn't part with either, so just gave him both. And his lucky name, as he describes it, is his nickname, what we have called him since birth.)

Me: "Yes, I did know that was your real name. But how did you get that lucky name?"

Little Man: "Mommy, you're silly! You gave it to me."

I love how his little mind see the world. How very interesting to think of one's nickname as their lucky name in life, and that I was the one to help him get that lucky name! Very endearing indeed. My cup runneth over. My cup runneth over.

As he jumped out of the car that day, grinned at me, shouted I love you Mom and ran to get into line with his friends, I pondered his words. What really is in a nickname and why do we feel like we need to dish them out? Am I as attached as he to my nicknames? Have they been lucky in my life?

nick·name/ˈnikˌnām -
A familiar or descriptive name added to or replacing the actual name of a person, place or thing.

Recalling my own nicknames bestowed lovingly over the years - ones given by my parents, my siblings, my college friends, my husband and even my children, I do have to say out of all of them my favorite is by far Mommy.


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  2. treasure this time!!! it goes by all too quickly!!!!!