Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bedtime Stories

One of my favorite things is when little man and baby girl crawl up in my lap for a story before bed. It never gets old for me. Never. I adore it. We turn off the TV and get the house all quite so all can enjoy the story to the fullest. Tonight we read a book called "This Little Prayer of Mine" by Anthony DeStefano. It's one of their favorite picks, and we read it almost every night. Little man and baby girl think the brother and sister in the story are themselves. Well, I guess since I add their names as I read, it helps create the magic a bit... Baby girl points to each page and squeals in delight, "It's me."

Grandma started the tradition of giving them a book at Christmas a couple of years ago and I love that she does that. It's a wonderful Christmas tradition. My sugar pies have received two stories by this particular author, and I can't say enough about how wonderful his books are. Perfect reads for helping children understand God and start to build their own little relationship with him through prayer. How special that my own little one's have grown to love this book and pick it often. I know its message is sinking in for them too, because as we read each page, they comment on things in their own lives that fit the pages and how God helps them through their trials. It fills my heart with joy to see their own little prayer lives forming. What blessings they both are to myself and my husband. I thank God each and every day for sending them to us. They are both beautiful little souls, and I know He has great plans for both of them.


  1. NIce post! I always loved reading to my children too...one of my favorite mothering activities!! I think there's something very bonding about it.

  2. Oh - I don't have that one. I have Little Star that we love, love, love to read at Christmas. I'll have to check this one too.