Sunday, January 8, 2012

It Happens In a Blink...

Where did 2011 go? It seems it passed me by even quicker than years past. We had a lot of big things happen in 2011, possibly why it flew by with such speed… My oldest sugar pie started Kindergarten and my youngest turned two. I started a freelance side career, and my husband went back to full-time work. We changed parishes. The first of my nieces got married, and my very much missed sister finally came home to us all.It was a year of much joy and blessings and a few tears too. It was a year to work on my own holiness, surrendering to His will and being the humble servant He calls each of us to be. A year of journaling and finding treasures in scripture.
Like the freshness of new fallen snow, a brand new year sits before me. What shall I do with its gifts and promise? I think I shall treasure the lessons from this previous year, hold on the progress I’ve made and fix my gaze on the path ahead… For there is much work to be done, children to nurture, a husband to encourage and lift up, sisters to laugh with, friends to share stories with and memories to create.
Hello 2012 – may you be a year of abundant blessings, love and laughter.

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